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Jose Cardoso September 12, 2013 - 2:00 pm

A quest of unparalleled scope, free of modern limitations but also expected directives. With diversity among spectacles driven away, what will sustain your spirit?

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Creating a mystery that is equally imposing and enveloping calls for constructive buffers. Distance. Riddles. Peculiarities. Conversely, a mystery shredded of such tactile stimuli is no mystery. It’s just an empty threat. A path leading to nowhere.

MirrorMoon EP, a game with its own loose figure, concentrates the need for self-discovery as a guidance system, coinciding with a vast landscape and measured empowerment over this very environment for serendipity to materialize in small forms. That a person keen on space as its own self-contained marvel could then have celestial bodies under their command and be permitted to investigate this heavenly system under their own terms, is its own allure. Joined, too, by a web of explorers from surrounding stations, suddenly the constraint-free quest has stakes of its own, converging with existing guidelines and motives impulsive in nature.

Pressure, though not at all pronounced.

The thought that time cannot be grasped is the earliest idea introduced – “a meaningless variable.” But there is one influence with a more holding form that cannot be so easily dismissed. Astronauts know it well.

Universal control

Two dimensions, masked as one unbreakable state. Planets that harbour clues, yielding these with scarce resistance as though a rite of passage. And a Sun that’s all too willing to be the unlock device that reveals all, if not have its bright minions serve in its place.

Led along by a desire for radically unfamiliar sights, after manually powering up your spacecraft’s many knobs then proceeding to make your first voyage, this is what you see. All takes place under the right light and perspective, locked in a first-person view with your head tilted to the sky, observing spectacles that tower and cause you to shrink on the outside but feel rejuvenated inside. Your journey will have its own setbacks, you realize – your damage-proof transport not being one of those. But making your first steps on foreign soil, none of that matters.

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You’ll piece together on your own just what it is that you’re being asked to do here, the immediate objective being to “complete” the first side of your data card – the tutorial, if you will. The gradual onset of certain realisations – how much control you’ve been given, how this will change depending on your destination – makes for one fascinating early encounter in what is a unique exploration of light vs. dark and element displacement.

Curious vestiges are found on each planet you visit, with each structure offering interaction in some capacity. Either by simply walking into or through them, dropping a temporary light beacon to give it power or announce its presence, or, via doppelganger syndrome, locating its other-dimension counterpart.

Parts for your sole piece of ground technology are found (sometimes hidden) at these stations, and seeing as you often can’t cover much ground without them, they remain top on the list of business to get done. One of these allows you to reposition the moon resting on one side of the planet – the same you’ve been using as a map – so as to see other areas or enlighten the darker faces. With another add-on, you can take it one step further and completely apply grip to it, carrying it along as you continue manoeuvring around the planet, eventually finding a way to drag it over to the Sun to switch dimensions.

MirrorMoon EP screen 1

It is through these main actions that the puzzle-solving is intertwined and the tempo of each individual planet is governed. Not all planets will have you going through a large ordeal to locate the one artifact you’re really after – a white orb that marks the planet as completed. An example of what would be considered a “large ordeal” would be attempting to link up a cord-like beam emitting from an energy source to the same source found on the moon, but only after having activated transparent structures and collecting the parts to allow for manual moon rotation. There’s an order that must be followed in these cases, whereas other planets have the artifact free from concealment, perhaps even in plain sight as was the case with me once – all I had to do was step forward a few inches and I was done.

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