Deadpool review

James Haresign July 5, 2013 - 5:00 pm

The Merc with a Mouth gets his own videogame and sets out to have as much fun as he can with the opportunity. But is Deadpool fun for the rest of us?

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It’s interesting that a character like Deadpool gets his own game. Wade Wilson isn’t exactly a household name; he was only created in the early ’90s, a baby by comic book standards. For years he existed as a cult favourite. There were enough fans that every now and again he’d get his own comic, but the sales figures were never strong enough for it to live that long.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, he exploded. Marvel were milking the Deadpool cash cow for everything they could. He was somehow holding down three or four titles a month – something only characters like Batman and Spider-Man can. Then he (unfortunately) cameoed in the first Wolverine movie and there was talk of Ryan Reynolds playing the character in a solo film. That’s still to happen, but here we are now with a videogame.

For any newcomers to the character, the most important thing you need to know about Deadpool he knows exactly who and what he is. I’m not talking about an insane gun-toting, sword wielding mercenary (though he knows that too). I’m talking about the fact he’s a comic book character, or in this case, in a videogame. This is, perhaps, the most important factor in the whole game, as the entire concept hangs on this fact.

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Everything Deadpool does is because he’s in a videogame, he even talks directly to the player. The entire story revolves around the idea that Deadpool is making his own game. There is a “proper” story in there too, but Deadpool mostly ignores it. It’s a pretty hilarious script and had me smiling a number of times. It does, however, have the odd clunker, but they come so fast you quickly forget it.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang

The ever-prolific Nolan North plays Deadpool, and plays him well. Not only with great comedic timing, but gives distinct voices to all three personalities in his head. The rest of the voice cast do a decent job, including the almost-as-prolific Steve Blum as Wolverine, although Cable falters every now and again but part of me feels like it might be on purpose.

Yet this could all fall apart if the combat sucks. No matter how good the presentation, if stabbing and shooting people isn’t fun then you might as well as forget it. Well, it’s serviceable. At least at the start anyway. The main focus is melee weapons and High Moon Studios have tried to channel Devil May Cry/Bayonetta with stringing combos together and juggling opponents in the air. It’s a lot more basic than anything Capcom or Platinum have ever given us, though, as I got through most of the game mashing X and Y without a care in the world, only for the last level to pour on the difficulty like clotted cream on scones.

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