Rockstar release 3 albums of Grand Theft Auto V’s soundtrack

James Haresign September 25, 2013 - 10:43 am

While it might not be as good as Vice City’s soundtrack, Rockstar have released three different albums of GTA V’s soundtrack. Volume 2 is the brilliant original score.

GTA V car header

Our big Editor in Chief and I were just discussing Grand Theft Auto V’s radio stations. I’m God knows how many hours in and I’m only just starting to like them. Weirdly it’s the Country I’m really digging, and I’ve never been much of a country guy. Meanwhile he’s a couple of hours in and hasn’t taken to them at all yet. They’ve never quite hit the heights of the old GTA 3/Vice City/San Andreas era.

Which seems a strange way to start a news post about the fact Rockstar have now released three albums of GTA 5′s music, but it’s Volume 2 that really excites me. While the licensed music might not do much for me and my old ways, the original score itself is something truly special.

Anyway, Volume 1 is the tracks that were created exclusively for the game by artists like BJ the Chicago Kid, R. Cali, and the Wavves. Volume 2 I’ve already covered and Volume 3 is a selection of licensed tracks from the radio like Waylon Jones, Simple Minds and Cashmere Cat.

They’re currently available on iTunes for $9.99/£7.99 each or $24.99/£17.99 as a bundle. Volume 2 is over on Spotify, and most of the other tracks are too if you know where to look, or have found a handy playlist.

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