Halfway looks like tactical awesomeness, even if the name isn’t

James Haresign September 25, 2013 - 9:38 am

Robotality announce Halfway, turn-based strategy game featuring aliens, not robots. Take back your spaceship in XCOM style shenanigans.


Just to prove tactical turn-based strategy games are back, another one has surfaced. Like the father that welcomed the genre back into prominence, Halfway is all about aliens. Only instead of defending the Earth, you’re have to regain control of your spaceship after waking from cryo-sleep. It’s almost Space Hulk done right, though with a bit more room and a lot less grim-dark future.

The graphics are pretty damn cool too, hitting a retro-pixel cartoony vibe, but with some rather cool touches. Look at them lean into their cover! And the enemies vaporise. The interface is rather tasty too.

Interestingly, in their blog Robotality don’t talk about there being an overwatch command – just move, shoot, reload and defend – which could prove very interesting for those of us that relied on our squad firing at any enemies that came into range automatically. However, there are RPG elements for your squad, and you have the mystery of what the hell happened to your ship to solve too.

Once you’ve solved that particular problem, Halfway will also come packaged with a rather robust level editor and mod support so the community can keep the thing alive even longer. Just like all good PC games.

The plan is to release this year on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and maybe a tablet release at some point further down the road.

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