Claire creeps into Greenlight top 100

Joe Donnelly September 25, 2013 - 12:26 pm

Claire is an upcoming 2D psychological horror game from Hailstorm Games now inside Steam Greenlight’s top 100.


Claire is a tale of retribution, where lead character Claire must battle demons and unknown horrors – both real and metaphorical. In a similar vein to David Cage’s forthcoming Beyond: Two Souls, Claire sees the female protagonist through several different stages of her life, from her youth to adulthood.

Claire is damned, clearly, but has the chance to redeem herself by redeeming others. Stalked by darkness, she must combat the black with light, all the while governing her state of panic alongside her faithful German shepherd.

Hailstorm is set to include multiple endings to this 2D horror adventure, all of which will be determined by how well Claire converses with those she hopes to save.

“Claire is lost and terrified as she and her dog find themselves in a warped reality that is a nightmarish reflection of their own,” reads the game’s Greenlight blurb. “Alone and hunted from an unknown force lurking in the darkness, Claire’s only hope comes from helping the forlorn people she comes across.

“But as Claire searches for a way out, she begins to unravel a connection between herself, the people she is trying to redeem and the force stalking her from the shadows.”

Claire is set for an October 27 release and has now entered into Greenlight’s top 100 games.

Check it out here:

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