BeefJack’s Button Bashers wants to know what you’ve been playing this month

Emily King February 29, 2012 - 4:20 pm

Comments: Filming of the next episode of BeefJack’s Button Bashers commences this coming weekend and we want to know what you’ve been playing and whether you’d recommend it or not.

There have been a lot of great releases since the first episode of BeefJack’s Button Bashers was filmed. We’ve had Final Fantasy XIII-2, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, The Darkness II, Alan Wake on PC, Syndicate and Asura’s Wrath to name just a few. Plus we’ve had the launch of the PS Vita. But we want to know if you’ve been playing on these, other new releases or older titles or indie gems – and we want to know what you think of them.

We’ll be featuring the best comments during the March episode of Button Bashers. Comment in reply to this post or leave us a comment via Facebook or Twitter.

This upcoming episode will feature a new section, some of what we played around with in the pilot and a competition. So remember to check it out when it goes live later in March.

In the meantime, if commenting isn’t enough, you can rewatch the first episode here:

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Comments (9)

  1. Avatar of Jamie Donnelly

    FIFA, because I’m always playing FIFA. On top of that, the only really big release I’ve played is Alan Wake. Gotham City Impostors and Smash Pineapple Crew are the only new console releases I’ve played this month I think.

    And I’m forgetting something else… oh yeah, VITA :D

    On my sexy new handheld, I’ve so far played: Frobisher Says, Motorstorm RC, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Rayman: Origins, A-men, BlazBlue. Not bad for a week’s work – haven’t put much time at all into a few of them yet, though.

    If you’re also interested in demos, I had a bash at FIFA Street – looks like it’s taking the series back to its roots in a very good way.

  2. Avatar of James Haresign

    Mass Effect 3 MP Demo, Battlefield 3 MP, Castlevania: Order of Eccelsia (DS) and finally finished bloody Neverwinter Nights 2. A campaign I’ve been slowly chipping away at for about 5 years. Nothing new this month at all, bar the demos.

  3. Avatar of sqrrl101

    Been quite busy but managing to squeeze in the occasional round of Battlefield 3, and still enjoying the occasional dopamine hits that my brain doles out when I manage to kill someone or get a new weapon.

  4. Avatar of breichert

    I’ll always play the occasional Spiral Knights when I have a chance and want to just zombie out and click away. I also recently played through the Mass Effect 3 demo, got inspired and final downloaded and started the first Mass Effect that’s been sitting on my Steam account for ages. I actually liked that more than the ME3 demo. Next up, I wanna try some of those indie demos on OnLive.

  5. Avatar of Jeremy Peel

    I’ve been on the 3DS, playing that Legend of Zelda for the first time in my near-22 years, and it turns out what they say about the series staying the same is, well – exaggerated to say the least. It’s a half-roguelike shmup!

    I’ve died 28 times and counting, but I did find a triangle, which Link was pretty pleased about.

    I can see the trail of crumbs from this Zelda to the accessibility of Skyward Sword, of course. But I can also see a rockier, equally attractive and valid path that winds up at Dark Souls, or the Binding of Isaac.

    In fact, Nintendo’s banning of Isaac from the eShop is a real shame. I would have loved to follow up this with that.

    • Avatar of keiichimorisato98

      steam… really its so archaic you should graduate to onlive it may not have the library of games like steam (give it time) but it is way better, and faster too. with a ton of social features.

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