Have Your Say: The last ever game of your life?

Simon Williams August 23, 2011 - 3:27 pm

If you could only ever play one more game in your life, what would it be? Any game (released or unreleased), any platform, any era – only one rule: it can’t be a game you’ve played before.

Imagine someone told you that you could only ever play one more game in your entire life? What game would you choose? And why?

That’s the subject for this week’s latest instalment of Have Your Say. We want to know what game that you’ve not played before would you choose to be the last game of your life?

Perhaps you’re like me, with a gigantic Pile of Shame full of games that you’ve bought but never been able to get round to playing (thanks, Steam sales!) – which one of those unplayed titles would you pluck out for your final ever playthrough?

Was there a game that you always desperately wanted to play as a kid but never got the chance to because a.) you just never got round to it and b.) your parents, not being millionaires, refused to buy you that Neo-Geo you so desperately craved?

Or is there a game yet to be released that you couldn’t go to your grave without getting the chance to play?

Well, we want to know! Tell us in the comments below which game you would choose and why, and as always there’s a 1000 XP bonus for the lucky member whose comment is chosen as the best of the week. So go on: Have Your Say!

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  1. Avatar of Gamage

    I kind of feel like mine is cheating a tad, but I am a massive fan of Halo and the universe and to be honest I feel Halo: Anniversary would be a safe bet! But perhaps I should choose a different one?

    • Avatar of Simon Williams

      Typical – first answer in the thread, and someone’s trying to stretch the rules already :)

      I think we can maybe allow you to have Halo: Anniversary – but wouldn’t you want to play Halo 4 instead?

      • Avatar of Gamage

        Yeah I guess that could also be an option. I feel safe with a Bungie game! Okay – maybe I will shy away from Halo and say Bungie’s next game. The quality that comes from that studio always astounds me.

  2. Avatar of Lewis Denby

    I’m going to cross my fingers and say Stalker 2. The Stalker 1 series, as I guess we’d call it now, showcased an extraordinary world and wonderful atmosphere, but the games themselves were a little bit shaky. Tidy them up and I’d say the result would be among the best shooters in the world.

  3. Avatar of Kelsey Jackson

    Pokemon Black or White… I guess that’s a little cheat-y, having thoroughly hammered the first few,so it’s not *technically* a game I haven’t played before but… wait, you know what? It’s not cheating. I haven’t played it. And if you’re going to deny me the opportunity to catch em all before I die then there is a circle of hell with your name on it.

  4. Avatar of Boss 'The Plumber' Luigi

    Asking this question is almost like saying, “Oh my god NO WHY GOD WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY,” but anyway… I would have to say that it would have to be something great, something multiplayer, something that would never get old… I would have to say it would be a game that comes out in the future and that would be Team Fortress 3. TF2 is already an awesome game being updated constantly with new weapons and maps and if TF3 ever gets made it will have even MORE stuff that I can mess with. I’m pretty sure I could play that over and over for the rest of my life and still love it before I die. But if this really happened I would stab whatever that something was that would make it so I can only play one game… I would stab it so hard… DIE DEATH DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeee!! MUAHAHAHAHA HEHEHEHEHE!!

  5. Avatar of Kyle MacKinnon

    I’d go for something indie that I know I’ve not had time to play. I wouldn’t go for Limbo simply because it seems depressing. Dwarf Fortress in all its complexity has always scared me so why not dive in? Despite ilomilo looking like a game that’s tailor made for me I’ve never touched it.

    There are really just so many games I know I should play, but, this being the job, I have had to skip over in favour of deadlines. Maybe I’ll get on to those three soon.

    • Avatar of Simon Williams

      With you having brought those indie titles up, I’ve realised my last game would probably have to be Braid, which – shamefully – I have never played.

      Until this week, it would probably have been Deus Ex – but since I’m going to by diving headlong into Human Revolution come Friday, that seems a little less essential to go back to now.

      I know, I know – what have I been doing for the last couple of years!

      • Avatar of Kyle MacKinnon

        I think Braid is one of those games one must play simply to get a feel for the culture. There’s a good section of people that find it totally pretentious while another following will tell you it’s one of the best games of all time.

        Also, somewhat related to the topic, I formerly had an answer – Actraiser. I had never played it despite knowing its legacy. I’m quite glad I got to it as it feels fresh even today.

  6. Avatar of Emily King

    There are so many games that I’ve never played, so I’ve found it difficult to narrow it down to one, but I have chosen…

    The original Silent Hill. Never played it. Have actually got a disc of it in the house, but I’ve never got round to playing it.

  7. Avatar of Artful Dodger

    Soul Reaver 2 (and the end bits of Soul Reaver 1 if that’s allowed!)

    One day I bought pretty much all 5 of the legacy of Kain games across the platforms – having played the 2 of the Kain based games, I was hoping to play the ones with Raizel before finally playing Legacy of Kain Defiance.

    I ended up getting stuck on SR1 on some puzzle and gave up. I feel as though Raizel has beaten me :( .

  8. Avatar of andihero

    Pokemon Puzzle League. I could play that game FOREVER.

    Any Puzzle League game would do, but the Pokemon branded one has an insane 3D mode where instead of playing in the usual Tetris style, the play area is a tube and you can rotate it to place the blocks as they descend. Amazing.

    • Avatar of Simon Williams

      Having spent last weekend finally playing Mass Effect 2, I can happily say I’d rather got to my grave than have to play any more of that series. Frankly, it was the most boring load of shallow, tedious codswallop.

      (View expressed here does not represent BeefJack Inc. and will indeed probably bring a rain of abuse down upon my head, but sorry, ME2 was rubbish)

      • Avatar of Greg Giddens


        I’m very rarely rendered speechless but for a moment there I couldn’t come to terms with your comment, Simon. I think a little part of me may have died inside.

        What’s real, how would know?

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion I guess, even if they (as in you) are wrong.

      • Avatar of Mark Ankucic

        Did you also feel the game was made up of one hundred different hallways? The game went: Run, cover, shoot, run, cover, shoot, cut-scene, run, cover, shoot, boss battle, plot advancement and repeat.

  9. Avatar of Greg Giddens

    You know what? I’m going to put another one forward. My previous choice ofMass Effect 2 is a game that exists; my new choice is one that currently doesn’t. Is this against the rules? Maybe but I couldn’t care less. I’m a rebel without a cause, damn it!

    My new choice is a new Legacy of Kain title. I was in awe of this series when I was younger. The dialogue was expertly delivered and beautifully written, and the world itself was imaginative and captivating.

    Before I die I want to experience another Legacy of Kain game. Make it happen someone, make it happen.

    • Avatar of Artful Dodger

      oooh…. A new Legacy of Kain eh… You know Amy Henning works for Naughty Dog now (She’s the awesome writer that made the story ace). Without her, I suspect a new one would be a bit poo.

      On the flip side, a Vampire Mode in Uncharted could work…

  10. Avatar of Kevin Pabst

    I’d opt for something so big it would take me years to find everything and do everything in different ways, so I’ll take Fallout 3: GOTY, or maybe some other Bethesda mega-RPG. In Oblivion alone I spent around 200 hours between two characters, and that was just for the main quest.

  11. Avatar of blakehu

    I thought about this a lot, and my answer is:

    If I could I’d play Metal Gear Soild in 1998 on a PS One. Why? Because I love the series, but never played the first part and never will, why? Because I have so high regards of the game, that I don’t wnat to be disappointed. Thats it easy and simple. :D

  12. Avatar of sputnik836

    Being a little sneaky with this one, I’m going to say World of Warcraft Cataclysm, I only have Burning Crusade atm and literally could play it forever.. even if I am abit rubbish as a healer ;p
    So yes; Cataclysm!

  13. Avatar of HardenedMetapod

    Don’t know if this counts because I have played the Beta thoroughly, but definitely Minecraft. Once it’s finished, it’ll be an amazing game. It already IS an amazing game, but I feel that once it has been polished and finalized I could deal with only playing Minecraft the rest of my life.

    Of course if that answer is a bit too cheaty, then Red Orchestra 2 would also be fine. I love the fist one and have been playing constantly for a couple of weeks anticipating the release of RO2. This game really killed all of the other FPS I’ve been playing. I even stopped playing TF2 for Red Orchestra. When I heard about the second one coming out, I immediately cancelled my Battlefield 3 pre-order and picked up the Digital Deluxe Edition off of Steam.

    So yea, put either of these games in my hands, and if that was all I could play for the foreseeable future, I could do it. No doubt. But I want a comfy chair and and a bag of chips as well, because I won’t be leaving my computer screen for quite some time.

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