CCP explain how Dust 514 microtransactions will work on PS3

Simon Williams August 21, 2011 - 10:30 am

Dust 514 developer CCP has been explaining exactly how the game’s microtransaction system will work on the PlayStation 3.

EVE Online spin-off FPS Dust 514 will be exclusive to the PlayStation 3, and will be powered by a microtransaction system. For those wondering exactly how that would work within the PlayStation Network environment – have no fear, CCP have explained all to set your minds at rest.

“You effectively pay what we call a ‘cover charge,’ we’re looking at likely around $20 for the initial download,” a CCP representative told Joystiq. “That download gets you the game client plus a bundle of virtual currency which has the equivalent in-game value of $20. So you’re basically getting that bundle of cash that you’re using to start the game, and from there if you choose to play for free and just grind, you’re welcome to do that. But of course we know a lot of people will convert.”

The game will also tie into EVE Online’s somewhat controversial player marketplace, with the store also being supported within Dust 514: “Bought currency items and non-currency items can be freely exchanged between the players,” said the game’s creative director Atli Mar Sveinsson. “It avoids the buy/win problem that some microtransaction-based games have.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we get quite a few EVE players that join Dust but actually don’t play Dust at all,” added the CCP rep. “They’re just on the market speculating … and they never go into a match.”

Dust 514 has still yet to receive a definitive release date.

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