Hitman: Absolution makes you “feel like the ultimate assassin”

Simon Williams July 13, 2011 - 11:57 am

Designers talk about how control tweaks in Absolution allow “normal humans” to play like “the ultimate assassin” instead of being reduced to going in all guns blazing.

We’ve all had that sinking feeling in stealth games: your best laid plans going haywire due to a mishap with clunky controls, resulting in a level devolving into a bog-standard shoot-out to save your skin. Well, IO Interactive are hard at work trying to make sure that Hitman: Absolution‘s controls won’t be a source of such misery.

“We wanted the player to feel like the ultimate assassin and not just have the fantasy on the box cover,” says the game’s director, Tore Blystad. “Most people, I mean normal humans, when they play Hitman games – the old games – they kind of feel like a rubbish assassin that just has to bring out his guns and then start shooting everybody. Movements and the controls should be easy to use.”

“We spent a lot of time making core movement very responsive, because in Hitman, if you overstep a little bit and you get busted, you don’t really appreciate that, right?” Christian Elverdam, the gameplay director told EDGE. “So we really worked hard on making it ultra-snappy. As for the cover system, it’s a choice whether you want to use it or not. We made it so that if you are crouched and moving around, you are below cover height.”

You’ll be able to see if they’ve succeeded in making you feel like an ultimate assassin when Hitman: Absolution hits the shelves next year.

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