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beefjack June 20, 2011 - 8:08 am

Welcome to a subtly new and improved beefjack.com! We’ve been making a few changes to the site – here’s where you can read all about them.

2011 has marked some significant steps forward to BeefJack. We now have more readers than ever before, browsing more content than the site has ever delivered previously. Things are about to step up a gear again, and to ensure we make the most of this push, we’re making a few changes right here at beefjack.com.


BeefJack’s news team is now bigger and stronger than ever, meaning we’ve edged that one step closer to our goal of 24-hour news coverage of all things gaming. While we’re headquartered in the UK, we also have correspondents in North America and Australia, meaning all the stories still get covered while we Brits are asleep.

We’re also working harder to present our news in a way that’s engaging and approachable. We want to make sure you get what you want out of our stories. For those of you who just want a quick glance, our story summaries at the top of each news post will tell you the crux of what you need to know. If you want more detail, read on through the rest of the piece.


Until now, we’ve been running occasional opinion pieces in the Features section of the site, but that’s about to change. From now on, opinion pieces have their own special category – and we’ll be doing our best to bring you a new editorial pretty much every day.

These will be about the big games, the big issues and the big developments within the games industry. They’ll sit alongside our news posts now, as well, instead of alongside features as before. We want BeefJack to be a place where people can speak their minds, and have a good old chin wag about the hot topics – we hope you’ll join in our rambling.

Reviews and previews

BeefJack is engaging in a new push to try to bring you as much preview and review coverage as we possibly can. We’ll be explaining to you why we are or aren’t looking forward to a whole host of new games, giving you our impressions on in-development titles, and casting our verdicts on all the latest releases.

And as far as reviews go, from now on we’ll be utilising a slightly different scoring process. The numbers are still the same – although we’re being increasingly strict on which games land a very special 9+ out of 10 score – but we’re doing away with all the pros and cons and overalls. Now, our review pages simply have the text, a number and a summary. It’s a way for you to suss out a game’s quality either in brief or in depth – it’s entirely up to you.


We want BeefJack’s features to be interesting, engaging, informative, hilarious and generally brilliant. We don’t want to reveal too much about our feature plans just yet, but rest assured that you should see a wider variety of awesome featured content in the weeks and months ahead. We also want to know what you think we should stick in here, though. Leave a comment if you have some great ideas of what you’d like to see.

Thank you for sticking around at BeefJack – we’re growing quickly now, and it’s all thanks to you guys!

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