The Art Of Kicking Some Ass: Fight Night Champion Gets Tactical

Luke Stratford January 12, 2011 - 12:37 pm

Far be it from me to pass judgement on fighting games, God knows I’m not a huge fan of thumb-snapping combo moves, but I know enough to understand that spamming attacks, turtling and other exploits can turn a fun, challenging experience into something truly frustrating. That’s where Anaerobic Regional Fatigue steps in:

YouTube Preview Image

In layman terms, instead of the typical stamina gauge, players will have to manage their arms, torso and legs as seperate resources. Keep jabbing with your left, for example, and you’ll end up getting slower and weaker with that arm. Go into full-on offensive mode, and you’ll only recover a fraction of the stamina between rounds than you would if you pace yourself.

Sun Tzu would be proud. Then punch you in the teeth.

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