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Lewis Denby January 1, 2011 - 12:05 am

I’m writing this on New Year’s Eve because, well, you can imagine how I won’t be in a particularly writerly mood in the morning. It’s cold outside, I’m already tired from the holiday festivities, and I have to find a way of getting to a friend’s party in the middle of nowhere later. Yet all that’s fine, because I’m excited about the year to come. Here’s why.

2010 has been a year of change for BeefJack. I started in June, for example, taking the site’s editorial reigns. I joined BeefJack during a period of alteration for the site: the team was being restructured, the site had just been redesigned, and things were looking promising all around.

The last few months have been a learning experience for me, as much as anything. I’ve worked with a great number of new people, experimented with different types of content, and generally got into the swing of being the executive editor of an exciting upcoming games website. I’m not going to say we’ve got everything right since June – there have been times when our news frequency has dipped, or a day without a feature here and there. But on the whole, I’m spectacularly proud of what the team here at BeefJack has managed to achieve.

We’re right on the cusp of something special, I feel, and we already have plans in place for 2011. We’ll be bringing you more reviews, more promptly, than ever before. We’ll be keeping the regular features ticking away, but we’ll also be publishing far more one-off, expansive, researched articles about videogames, the industry and the surrounding culture. And we already have some brilliant interviews lined up for the New Year.

I strongly believe that 2011 could be the year that BeefJack starts to compete with the big boys in the gaming media. It’s with your help that we’ll be able to do this. Thanks to everyone who’s read the site in 2010: your page impressions are valuable, but a mere speck next to the value of your enjoyment and appreciation of what we’re doing. Seriously, a massive thank you. We couldn’t be doing this without every single one of you.

All the best for 2011,

Lewis Denby,
Executive Editor

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  1. Avatar of Tren

    Like Lewis, I’ve been part of the awesome BeefJack team a few months now (since August). I can say without a doubt that I’ve learned a lot from others on the BeefJack team, as well as, our awesome members! I couldn’t have asked to find a better site to work with.

    I look forward to working with everyone in the coming year, watching the community grow and seeing the fantastic articles our editorial staff puts up.

    Happy New Year Everyone and, thank you for helping make BeefJack as great as it is.

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