PS2 Naruto on the Way in May

BThompson February 17, 2009 - 12:59 pm


Namco Bandai have announced the release of the next game in the insanely popular Naruto series.  Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 4 will hit store shelves in May for the PlayStation 2.

Wait a second.  Wasn’t God of War II supposed to be the PS2′s swan song?  Well, when more people have PS2s than Wiis, it makes good financial sense to keep churning out games for Sony’s thin black brick.

What makes less sense is this game’s title.  Despite the fact that there’s clearly a “4″ at the end, this is the first game based on Naruto Shippuden series.  Maybe a Naruto fan can explain this in the comments, but my head hurts just from reading the press release.  (EDIT: I’ve been told by a strange girl with pink hair and a too-big tanktop that this is the fourth in the Ultimate Ninja series of Naruto-themed fighting games.  My confusion has been officially cleared up and replaced with a deep feeling of ambivalence.)  To quote:

Set two and a half years after Naruto left the Hidden Leaf Village to undergo a strict training regiment with his mentor Jiraiya, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN : Ultimate Ninja 4 lets players experience this exciting new storyline for the first time. Returning to help save his rival Sasuke from the evil Orochimaru, Naruto is reunited with all his old friends, only to find that a mysterious organization known as Akatsuki now poses an even more ominous threat to the Village.

I think I understood four of those words, and the rest just made my spell check explode.  Anyway, NS:UN4 will feature the kind of fast-paced ninja-on-ninja action Naruto fans know and love as well as some RPG elements.  It’ll feature 52 playable characters in total, and I’m assuming at least one of those will be Naruto himself.

And as a relevant aside, how often do you lug out your PS2 these days?  Let us know in the comments.

Source: Atari UK

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