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Thank you, TT Games (and Warner Bros., your benevolent corporate overlord).  After LEGO Batman turned out exactly the same as LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Indiana Jones, I’d thought you hit a rut.  Sure, teaming up with a friend to mindlessly punch things and waggle your arms while LEGO blocks magically arranged themselves to the tune of John Williams music was fun the first seven hundred times.  But I was itching for a little of the same kind of creative variety LEGO’s so good at delivering.  And in LEGO Battles, I just might get it.

LEGO Battles is a new Nintendo DS action/strategy game scheduled for release this summer.  In it, players will take control of LEGO armies from the classic Castle, Pirates, and Space playsets and pit them against other LEGO armies in both single player and online.  In other words, this is a video game version of how I spent most of my pre-adolescent (and an embarrassing number of my post-adolescent) years.

As much as I love Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Batman, there’s nothing I have such a soft nostalgia spot for as classic LEGO sets.  Just this morning I seriously considered dropping a significant portion of my tax refund on a vintage Cosmic Fleet Voyager spaceship.  Oh how I miss my giant LEGO bin and its thunderous racket as I dug for the perfect piece.  And I’m sure my parents equally pine for all those mornings a wayward LEGO brick lovingly nudged its way through the layers of skin on the bottom of their feet.

Good times…

Summer can’t arrive soon enough.  (Unless it arrives, like, tomorrow.  In which case, this global warming thing is worse than any of us thought.)

Source: Warner Bros. Interactive

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