Eidos boss says games industry “one notch up from porn!”

October 23, 2008 - 11:25 am



Eidos creative director and head of acquisitions Ian Livingstone has lashed out at the governments lack of respect for the games industry. 

“We’re seen as the red-headed stepchild of the creative industries, one notch up from pornography in the eyes of most of the establishment,” he told the Guardian newspaper. 

Never-ending government pressure on games designers to tone down violence, sex and bad language in games resulted in Livingstone’s rant.

He had claimed on numerous occasions that the pressure on games designers could see a slump in designer creativity and called for the government to introduce a 20 percent tax credit for UK developers to fall in line with those in other countries and the UK film industry. 

“They forget that half of the world and half of the UK’s population play games,” he continued, “games help define who we are as human beings – they are as important, culturally and socially, as music and films.”

“In the past six years, half of the independent UK development studios have already closed or been bought by foreign publishers who see more value in our studios and intellectual property than we do ourselves. We’ll end up being a work-for-hire nation.”

As of yet there has been no statement released by government officials, but if one ever does arrive, watch this space…



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  1. gta iv is not porn! if it was i would beat off to it, which i can’t because doing missions and side objectives is not erotic.

    sure i can pick up a hooker and watch non hardcore censored depictions of fake sex, but when it comes down to it gta is nothing like watching actual porn. If there is someone out there who actually gets them selves off to gta, i feel very sad for them. maybe i could see it happening if i was 11, a virgin and had never seen an actual porn film. other than that scenario it would just be pathetic.

    if you want to spank you put a porn on, NOT play a video game!

    if you ask me they should make hardcore porn video games for console systems and sell them to adults in porn stores. than these people can shut up about kids playing them because kids aren’t allowed in porno shops. you don’t hear “they should ban porn because kids might see it” no you hear “they should ban adult video games because it’s porn.” is it just me or are adult games getting a worse rap than adult porn? you don’t hear these same people going off about “this porn in my opinion is pornography” that would sound stupid. -Pete Jaquay

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