Night vision in Splinter Cell: Conviction

Kevin Pabst September 7, 2009 - 1:46 am

Splinter Cell Conviction news header

Also confirmed is heat-vision, or at least thermal-imaging vision.

So for new features, we’ve got Sam’s ability to tell when he’s in the dark, and everything dims. The ‘mark and execute’ feature that lets you…well mark guys by moving your cursor over them, hitting a button, and then execute them.

Returning features include a piece of busted car mirror as a makeshift replacement for fiber cable, now the night vision/thermal goggles, and even though they mentioned it as new, I distinctly remember there being an EMP grenade in previous games. Will we see Sam back in his famous skin-tight outfit again? Will there be elements similar to Double Agent’s…double agent system, in which you try and maintain the trust from multiple factions.

Then again, Sam is, as far as I can tell, only allied to himself this time. Maybe the game will take a Killer 7 spin and have Sam trying to win the trust of his other personalities, although that’s a little doubtful.

Source: X360A.org

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