Among the clouds and gods – Aer

Sean Cargle September 24, 2013 - 3:54 am

Swedish developer Forgotten Key announced Aer earlier this year and now they have released the very first trailer for this sky born adventure game.

Aer 1

I’ve never heard of the Swedish developer Forgotten Key, but a few days ago I ran across their announcement for Aer’s proof of concept trailer and became immediately interesting. Sure, they are only a team of five and the graphics aren’t exactly mind blowing, but there could easily be something special here and it seems this game has already won an award.

This first trailer is a proof of concept trailer that is described as pre-alpha. With it they are trying to show a wide world of floating islands, magical beings, darkness and a woman who can soar through it at all by transforming herself into a bird. There aren’t many details yet, but it is supposed to be a sandbox-like game that will let you explore everything on your own terms. While exploring you can help inhabitants of this floating world and eventually you can even challenge the gods.

Aer has no release date or details beyond two small paragraphs, but they are going to be releasing more information on the Forgotten Key’s blog in the future. Take a look at the proof of concept trailer below and check back later for more information on this unusual and intriguing indie desktop game all about the world above us.

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