Tragnarion Studios expresses relief and hopefulness towards Scourge: Outbreak amidst scathing reception

Jose Cardoso September 23, 2013 - 7:13 pm

Through a short documentary, Spanish studio Tragnario Studios shares their happiness and confidence in Scourge: Outbreak after a long and “emotional” development road.

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For some, being told you’re beset by insurmountable obstacles only drives them further. And after today, it can be said that Tragnarion Studios has shown a side of similar character.

Developers of first-person shooter Scourge: Outbreak, they announced today the implementation of new features via a substantial patch that brings with it bug fixes, an improved matchmaking system allowing access to in-progress games, and control tweaks in response to community feedback.

The timing of this news coincides with the fanfare of a short documentary created by YouTube personality Dan Bull. In it, the team shares candid expressions on what game director Omar Salleh describes as an “emotional” journey for the team to finally see the game release (first announced in May of last year).

“We’ve had a lot of people over the years telling us, ‘You should just quit’,” said Salleh early on in the video, now happy they’ve been able to prove naysayers wrong about the intense competition existing in the bowels of the industry being impossible to navigate.

Joy and happiness is a recurring theme among the sentiments of other team members as the video continues — even relief. With laughter, senior game designer Rafa Madrigal compares it to a son being dispatched for warfare.

Not all of it is rosy, however.

The game currently sits at a Metacritic score of 40 — an unfavourable benchmark. One of the most scathing contributions to this aggregate ranking is a review by GameSpot, which Salleh specifically calls out during the video, saying it “seems to go far above and beyond what would normally be a negative review.”

Still, both him and his team remain confident that the game will secure its own audience of appreciative followers.

Watch the short documentary in full here:

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