Surprise, Deep Down is a free to play title

Sean Cargle September 21, 2013 - 9:14 am

Sony Computer Entertainment’s Shuhei Yoshida has just revealed that Capcom’s Deep Down is a free to play title, plus new gameplay from the Tokyo Game Show.

Deep Down 2

Deep Down has been likened to Dark Souls and Dragon’s Dogma because of its dark atmosphere and third person medieval combat, but two weeks ago we learned that this is really a futuristic game set in 2094 and the medieval/fantasy aspects are seemingly part of simulation or program. Hours ago Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshia, has broken the news that this PS4 title by Capcom is actually going to be free to play.

Yoshia also revealed that a Deep Down beta is coming, but currently only in Japan and near the Japanese release of the PS4 in December. A beta for this game that only see through the eyes of Japanese media and know very little about it, but one that people are very interested in. Mainly, we have seen a spear wielding, plate mail wearing, soldier of some kind battling large monsters through dark corridors that looks like it was just out of Dark Souls and now have a new look at it with some gameplay from the Tokyo Game Show floor that shows a grand battle against a dragon alongside other players.

Deep Down is focused on multiplayer, but to what extent no one knows. In the TGS video we can see four players ganging up on a spectacular dragon that breaths the most beautiful fire I’ve ever seen, but they all take a very passive stance towards it and it is all a bit befuddling. However, it does confirm the cooperative nature of it, or at least the option to play cooperatively.

I want to know more and I’m always looking for more to share with you all, but this title may actually be only released in Japan, like Dark Souls originally was. So, at the moment no one really knows much or has any idea what type of F2p title this is going to be. However, a few fans are still bracing for the worst after seeing what Capcom has done with fighting games and DLC.

Check back later once we scrounge up some more information on Capcom’s Deep Down and take a look at the TGS gameplay demo video below. It is a bit rough, but definitely better than nothing and the last three minutes are worth a look at least.

YouTube Preview Image

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