MechWarrior Online officially launches

Sean Cargle September 21, 2013 - 3:21 am

After seemingly being in beta forever, MechWarrior Online has now officially launched and is free to play for anyone on PC.


This multiplayer only offering of the classic MechWarrior has now come out of open beta and officially launched with a myriad of changes from the beta based on community feedback. It is odd to say MechWarrior Online (MWO) launched, because most people treat anything F2P as launched/released as soon as it goes into open beta, but at least this launch came with a trailer and a large new patch.

MWO launched right around GTA V oddly enough and since it did not too many people have noticed it, but it offers a unique perspective on mech based combat that has two teams of twelve slugging it out in giant machines of war. Last month the MechWarrior a portion of the community went nuclear by condemning the games current direction and how much of what was originally planned never came to fruition.

James Murff over at Game Front covered the whole issue in depth, so head there for more information on all of that, but basically the community decided that they weren’t being listened to and weren’t getting what was originally promised. Of course this isn’t all of the MWO community, but a fair portion of it that reacted angrily towards new design decisions, like a third person camera, and couldn’t stand that after all of this time there was still only two game modes. Originally there was supposed to be clan based warfare, capture-able planets, dynamic gameplay modes and more that hasn’t shown up despite it being officially launched.

One of the previously mentioned issues was fixed with release,  the third person camera, and the launch came with a big patch full of balance changes. I personally haven’t tried the game since early beta, which seems like years ago at this point, so I can’t say how it is, but anyone interested in jumping into some explosive mech based combat should head on over to MWO’s website to sign up for free and get playing. Here is the launch trailer and check back later with BeefJack for more info.

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