From Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story and Tactics Ogre to Unsung Story

Sean Cargle September 21, 2013 - 1:08 am

Yesterday it was revealed that Yasumi Matsuno, director of FF Tactics and Vagrant Story, is now making a new strategy game called Unsung Story for iOS and Android.

Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story are two of my favorite games from the Playstation 1 era and now the director of those two games, Yasumi Matsuno, is working on a newstrategy game for iOS and Android. It is called Unsung Story and it is based around nine small countries fighting each other in a era that is influenced by Saxon Britain during the 5th-8th centuries.

Joystiq revealed this news after they talked to Yasumi Matsuno, who also developed Tactics Ogre (another one of my favorites), at the Tokyo Game Show. Matsuno said the game is still very much in early development at the moment, but it is a strategy game that will be similar in scale to Final Fantasy Tactics, with small groups instead of armies in battles, and it will focus on the common soldiers, not the generals. The premise is that you will pick one of these nine countries and even though there is a narrative, it is mostly up to you to determine how you want to deal with the rest of the countries.

Pocket Tactics has also revealed that this will be a card based game in some way and that there will be other mobile games based on this. It is being made with Playdek, a company known for those types of games, but there aren’t a lot of solid details on Unsung Story yet. This mobile strategy game isn’t due to release until 2014 sometime and it will be for iOS and Android at the start with possibilities of other platforms. Check back later for more on Unsung Story once more details have surfaced.

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