Undead Labs’ zombie survival game State of Decay shambles onto PC

Sean Cargle September 21, 2013 - 12:05 am

Undead Labs is looking to conquer more ground as it now unleashes State of Decay for PC through Steam’s Early Access.

State of Decay night

Undead Labs’ State of Decay did amazingly well on Xbox Live Arcade earlier this year by becoming the fastest selling XBLA game when it sold over half a million copies in one week. Since that success Undead Labs has been working on porting the game to PC and now they have made the game available through Steam Early Access.

Unlike most games on Steam’s Early Access program, this one is largely complete when it comes to content, but incomplete when it comes to polishing and controls. At the moment, you can only play State of Decay with a wired or wireless Xbox Controller since they won’t have keyboard & mouse implemented until closer to the actual release.

State of Decay is a sandbox survival action RPG that takes place in a fairly large rural area that has been quarantined off during a zombie outbreak of some kind. You have a base that can be upgraded with facilities, filled with survivors and moved around to many different locations. There are dozens of survivors to find and interact with, some of which might be willing to join you while others are just interested in doing their own thing but still might be worth helping. Supplies are scarce and much of the game is scrounging for supplies, keeping everyone alive and leveling up your characters (which can be nearly anyone).

If you want to know more about State of Decay check out BeefJack’s review by Benjamin Ebell from last June. The PC version isn’t promising any new content or modes from what I’ve heard, but it does sport slicker visuals and god knows it is only going to be a matter of time until someone creates a co-op mode. Check out IGN’s new video preview of State of Decay below to see how the PC version looks and head on over to the Steam page for State of Decay to snag it for $20 if you are interested.

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