WayForward reveals original concept for Mighty Switch Force star Patricia Wagon, open to third iteration

Jose Cardoso September 20, 2013 - 7:46 pm

Among other things, Matt Bozon revealed on Reddit this afternoon for the first time that WayForward originally had a very different plan in mind for the main character of the Mighty Switch Force series.

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Can you picture Patricia Wagon, star of WayForward’s Mighty Switch Force series, as an actual wagon? How about a patrol car?

Via an AMA hosted on Reddit, Matt Bozon revealed that the original script for their star performer involved vehicular transformation. Like WayForward’s answer to a conspicuous Kirby. Or their way of borrowing from A Boy and His Blob (which they helped remake for Wii).

The secret was shared after being asked if the series could ever take a more story-driven direction – to which Bozon responded affirmatively that he’d love to explore such a path.

“She was originally supposed to transform into vehicles,” he revealed almost nonchalantly. “It would be pretty cool to bring back the ideas that were too grand for a puzzle game. Getting into the robot… stuff like that is just the tip of the robotic iceberg if it were a full-fledged action game.”

This isn’t the first time the team has, in one form or another, either hinted or expressed a desire to bring Patricia Wagon over to a more dedicated action space than what the current puzzle-platforming formula allows, making me hopeful that someday this will indeed come to fruition.

Commenting in another response on the future of the euphoric series, which he himself directs, Bozon did not deny the possibility of a third iteration to follow-up the irresistibly hot Mighty Switch Force! 2. “I could see us doing it. There’s no shortage of ideas or enthusiasm.”

And you know that’ll mean another first-rate, equally infectious, funky chiptune soundtrack from composer Jake Kaufman. Yummy!

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