Teku Studios on Candle’s Greenlight approval: “A huge range of users has now opened for us”

Jose Cardoso September 20, 2013 - 5:20 pm

Elated, Teku Studios humbly expressed to BeefJack their sincere appreciation for being included in the latest batch of Greenlight-approved entries.

Candle Steam Greenlight approval header

The last time BeefJack spoke with Teku Studios, they remarked on the insanity behind Candle’s art direction. Now insanity takes on an added layer of disbelief for them, in connection with the process to get greenlit.

With some Greenlight candidates taking over a year to garner approval, speed isn’t something many bargain for when they submit the game for public judgment. Precisely why Teku Studios is so surprised by their own marathon of trying to amass support for Candle’s distribution, which crossed its completion mark this week.

“Candle has been approved after less than two months on Greenlight. That’s insane for a small, first-timer developer,” said lead artist Jose Gutiérrez. “We’re just honored.”

What excites them about this development is that it now gives them freedom to explore features like Gamepad support, cloud saving and achievements through Steamworks. More than that, though, they see this milestone as having expanded their audience. “It is kind of a dream for us to be self-publishing there,” said a happy Gutiérrez. “A huge range of users has now opened for us, so we couldn’t be more excited.”

What they were hoping to get out of the Greenlight process, also, was meaningful feedback, and lead programmer Miguel Vallés tells me that such was given.

“Some users let us know that we should emphasize more the playable areas,” Vallés shared, “since they sometimes ‘merged’ with the backgrounds.” He adds that while this doesn’t impact the game’s overall vision, this level of conversation and dialogue is “very enhancing,” and the team considers themselves fortunate to have been exposed to it, now able to draw from or put such ideas into action.

All that remains, now, is the daunting task of seeing their laborious creative process to the end. Echoing earlier expressions, Gutiérrez concluded by saying “Candle is a game with a very specific creative process,” calling it “tough and slow.”

What’s changed for them since initiating the project is that now the logistics are cared for, enabling them to remain dedicated and undistracted. “Fortunately, we now have enough funds for it as well as publishing rights on huge platforms like Steam or Nintendo’s eShop, so that helps us be completely focused on it.”

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