ACII RPG Candy Box 2 set for October release

Joe Donnelly September 19, 2013 - 10:34 am

Quirky indie RPG Candy Box is to get a sequel next month, complete with advanced ACII art.


If you haven’t played the original Candy Box,which released back in April, you should. Beneath what initially appears a bit dull, lies a remarkably intuitive and addictive browser-based RPG.

Designed by French student ‘aniwey’, Candy Box uses ACII art – you know, the icon/letter-inspired makeup which is commonly found in old online walkthroughs and Nokia 3310 ‘picture’ messages – which only adds to the charm of the story unfolding before you. You must collect candies and grow lollypops and talk to shifty yet endearing candy salesmen and witches and frogs and go on quests to find maps and…well, it’s as fantastical as an RPG can be.

Candy Box 2 is set for an October release and adopts the same aesthetic, with some subtle advancements. Aniwey has been listening closely to what the community wants in terms of what worked well in the past and what needs improved upon via the game’s blog.

A new, more expansive inventory system is set to be added, however aniwey has reassures fans that the Candy Box, the Inventory and numerous Epic Quests will remain. One other interesting feature mentioned is the possibility of cooperation between players.

So, perhaps not quite GTA V, but for those inconvenient hours stuck in the office, satisfy your sweet tooth by opening up a game of Candy Box now and expect a sequel in October.

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