Grand Theft Auto V makes over $800 million while trio arrested for impersonating cops

James Haresign September 19, 2013 - 8:58 am

GTA V becomes fast selling game of all time, servers around the world crumble and multiplayer hasn’t even launched yet, and finally three enterprising young men decide to take the game’s lessons for getting their own copies.

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Setting a new record for first day sales. GTA V has raked in $800 million, and over 1.57 million units in the UK alone. It could well be on the way to breaking the fastest to a billion record held by Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 which took 15 days. By the looks of it, GTA V might hit that by the weekend.

Of course all this success has meant some serious issues on servers around the world. PlayStation Network copies are downloading with corrupt data which means having to try the whole thing again, and they also have to cope with what may be the most inferior version of the game. As we all know, Xbox 360 owners have been told not to install the second disk to their hard drive because it causes texture and object pop-in, something to do with Rockstar’s streaming technology. Those choosing the digital version of the game don’t have any such choice obviously so are stuck with those streaming issues.

Meanwhile, Rockstar’s own Social Club service is buckling under the pressure, as is the iFruit app and all the mini games. Many players are complaining about being able to sign up/log in. Waiting two weeks for multiplayer seems like a very sensible decision now, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, in a scene that would could almost be straight out of the game, though only if Jimmy got involved in a heist, three men in Staten Island, New York posed a police officers in order to skip the queue and get copies of GTA V at launch. Having bought a police car at an auction with “lights-siren-package” installed, the three men head to Staten Island Mall and the GameStop within. One was an auxiliary member of the NYPD, while another was the son of a retired cop, so two of them had decent uniforms and badges, the third was total fake. However, mall security was pleased to see them and offered them coffee while the Manager of GameStop thanked them for their help. They also paid for their copies. What actually caught them out was making an illegal u-turn as they left the mall, straight in-front of an unmarked cop car. It’s always the little things that they catch you on.

They were arrested for second-degree criminal impersonation which could land them a year in prison. Thanks to Kotaku and Silive.

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