Dwarf Fortress in space – RimWorld

Sean Cargle September 19, 2013 - 3:04 am

This indie PC game all about building space colonies under the influence of an AI storyteller has just released its very first gameplay video.

For the last couple of days I’ve been just waiting for my news shift to arrive so I could write about RimWorld. It is a game early in development, but one that has some incredibly appealing ideas to someone who loves the idea of building a space colony that will be affected by an AI storyteller that will throw random events at you based on many different variables.

RimWorld uses an AI storyteller, similar to Left 4 Dead’s AI director, that has a variety of profiles that the player can choose. For example, you may pick one that gives you a lot of colonists so you can easily expand, or one that is always sending pirates your way, or even one that just does everything randomly. The storytellers affect, among many other things, how many random travelers go by your colony (travelers who can be killed, enslaved or coerced to join you), how often pirates raid you or how often animals become bloodthirsty. It doesn’t sound revolutionary, but it does sound well done and with enough variety to keep things lively.

Your colonists are not each individually crafted by you. You can pick them and change their name, but each has their own traits and you can only choose whether or not to accept them. Colonists come from all walks of life and are each more suited for certain tasks. For instance, if you get a former pirate on your crew they might be a great fighter, but probably won’t be good at farming. All of your colonists work together to create a base by mining, creating farms, setting up solar panels, setting up industry, trading with outsiders and more.

This first gameplay video shows pirates attacking a base twice and the player trying to defend against those assaults with minimal losses. There aren’t a ton of details for RimWorld just yet, but it does have a lot of promise and you can follow it over on its IndieDB page. Here is the gameplay video and check back later for more on this Unity based game by Ludeon Studios.

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