Ex-BioWare, Relic, Roit and Volition staff go to Kickstarter for The Long Dark

James Haresign September 18, 2013 - 10:44 am

Veterans from all over the industry form Hinterland Studios and launch wilderness survival FPS The Long Dark on Kickstarter

The Long Dark kickstarter 3

It’s almost the videogame equivalent of a Super Group, members of already successful bands coming together to form an all-powerful musical gestalt entity, making music greater than they could alone. You know, like Missy Elliot’s Lady Marmalade cover. The eight person Hinterland Studios has been formed by ex-members of BioWare, Relic, Roit and Volition, and have already announced their first game, The Long Dark. As is usual these days, they’ve gone to Kickstarter for backing.

The Long Dark sees you as bush pilot William Mackenzie trying to survive in the Northern Wilderness after some event has knocked all the power out. You’ll have to worry about weather, time, food, water, energy consumption and the state of your gear, not to mention any predators that might be out for you. Though other humans are likely to be rare encounters.

It is the most realistic post-apocalyptic setting you can get. Humanity has lost its greatest asset, technology, and now it’s us versus nature, in one of the harshest environments out there. Which sounds pretty awesome to me. To help with this, the game will be openworld like Fallout 3, giving you a lot of choice whether you just work towards your survival or push the story along. It will also be episodic, with the first episode in October 2014, though following chapters will be free. It aims for release on PC, Mac and Linux.

The team is led by Raphael van Lierop, director of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and Far Cry 3′s narrative director. Forming the rest of Hinterland are Marianne Krawczyk, lead writer of the main three God of War games.  Hokyo Lim, League of Legends and The Unfinished Swan’s art director; Alan Lawrance, lead programmer on the Saints Row series; David Chan, audio director on  Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect and; and composers Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan who collaborated together on Mass Effect 3, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, and Borderlands. Mark Meer, the voice of ManShep in Mass Effect, will be providing the vocal sounds for William Mackenzie.

They’re looking for $200,000 (in Canadian Dollars) and are currently sitting at $44,866 after two days, which is could shape up to be one of those Kickstarter campaigns that just meets its goal. If you want to help and throw money at them or want to know more, head over to Kickstarter.

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