Zen Studios “could not rush” Star Wars Pinball 3D, “complex” process behind DLC delays

Jose Cardoso September 18, 2013 - 3:30 am

Mel Kirk of Zen Studios spoke to BeefJack via a brief email interview, elaborating on Star Wars Pinball 3D as well as the team’s rationale behind the postponed release and DLC plans.

Star Wars Pinball 3D header

Pinball wizards who frequent Zen Studios’ outings on the 3DS may feel they’ve been getting the short end of the stick, as the team has been doling out repeated IOUs over DLC for both Zen Pinball 3D and Marvel Pinball 3D. They’re not forgotten, though, and proof of this will be seen this Thursday when Star Wars Pinball 3D launches on the 3DS eShop – a two-month difference from when the Wii U eShop version launched, but priced $3 cheaper at $6.99.

Curious to know if the change in platform impacted the core features, I asked Mel Kirk of Zen Studios whether or not Star Wars Pinball 3D featured a different application on the Force system. Kirk tells me this has been retained without adjustment.

“The Force system was not changed from previous versions of the game,” he said in an email interview. “We found the feature to be really well-accepted by players, so we left this alone and decided not to mess with something that people have been enjoying.”

Kirk did confirm that the Balance of the Force tables – new DLC set announced last week – will make their way to the 3DS. As for when, “there is not a specific date set.” There’s a distinct possibility there won’t be a timed release between Star Wars Pinball 3D and when other platforms get the DLC, but again, if you’ve been following Zen Studios’ 3DS output, that’s not new.

It should not be taken as an indication that the team is unresponsive to the requests of 3DS players because they’re among the last to be serviced. In fact,¬†Star Wars Pinball 3D has been preceded by a host of petitions for its arrival on the 3DS eShop.

“There have been a ton of players reaching (screaming) to us to get the game out,” he shared, “so I think there will be a lot of people who are really happy to finally have it on their 3DS.”

That should bode well for the game’s sales, previous success on the platform notwithstanding.

Confident the game will perform as well as earlier efforts, Kirk expressed: “Zen Pinball 3D and Marvel Pinball 3D have been very well-received on 3DS, and I would expect Star Wars Pinball to do the same.”

If so confident, why the wait, then, on both this and the still-undelivered DLC? Kirk explains: “Pinball in 3D is pretty complex, and we have certain limitations with the 3DS hardware that makes the process take even longer. I am afraid we will likely always be behind with 3DS, but we are certainly committed to the platform and 3DS players. It just takes a little longer to get things to the platform.”

Saying that, and realizing what this has meant for fans, Kirk wanted to relay his appreciation for the continued support shown by the community. “I would like to say thank you to all the players who support Zen Studios. We can continue doing what we love only because players are willing to support us. Apologies for the time it has taken to get Star Wars Pinball to the 3DS, but we could not rush this and give you a sub-par experience.”

Knowing firsthand how strong the Wii U eShop version is, I believe him when he says “the wait will be worth it.”

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