Debi Mae West: Metal Gear 5′s Quiet “looks like a naked little girl that needs to put her clothes on”

Leo McCloskey September 17, 2013 - 4:46 pm

Metal Gear series’ Meryl says that inclusion of sparsely-clothed mute female character “doesn’t make sense” in Metal Gear universe, questions continuity with previous chapters.

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The voice of Meryl Silverburgh, veteran Metal Gear actor Debi Mae West, has expressed her confusion at Hideo Kojima’s decision to include scantily clad character, Quiet, in Metal Gear Solid 5. Speaking on Up At Noon, West admits that the inclusion of the character, or more specifically her lack of clothing, is a vision she finds hard to reconcile with her extensive experience working on the Metal Gear franchise in the past.

“I guess she’s hot, but I don’t get it. It doesn’t make sense to me with Metal Gear,” she says. “I think it’s a bit much. I think Metal Gear as a franchise, part of what has made this game so successful is the relationships and the writing – and there’s really good acting that has gone on in at least the ones that I’ve seen. So I’m not really understanding why a girl with no tongue, who obviously isn’t going to speak, and she’s just gonna be looking completely… almost naked and hot, I just don’t understand the continuity of it.”

Described in official Metal Gear trailers as “a sniper deprived of her words,” Quiet is named as such because she can’t talk. West seems to suggest that the character being made mute is as significant as her willingness to reveal her skin – a point that could resonate strongly if you were of the belief that the character is being used merely as an object in the game.

Of course, series creator Hideo Kojima had initially explained that he wanted to create an “erotic” character before rephrasing, stating that Quiet is intended to be “sexy,” which didn’t help matters. Erotic, though, wouldn’t be how West would describe her.

“I don’t find her erotic, she just looks like a naked little girl that needs to put her clothes on – ’cause She doesn’t look like a soldier,” she concludes.

Check out the full video interview in the link above. West goes on to tell some interesting David Hayter stories, too.

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