From a popular zombie mod to Kickstarter – Contagion

Sean Cargle September 17, 2013 - 1:29 am

The makers of the popular Zombie Panic mod for Half Life 2 are now on Kickstarter with their first game that promises to provide a objective and co-op focused zombie survival game.

Back when zombie games were less common I tried a little Half Life 2 mod called Zombie Panic. It put a bunch of players together in objective based levels and offered a very unique experience that few other games, or mods, were offering at that time. I really loved it back in 2007 and it spurred my interest in objective based first person shooters. Now many of those developers are back and working on Contagion.

Contagion is a cooperative survival FPS, which doesn’t mean much to most people, but let’s just say it is far different than Left 4 Dead. With this they are trying to make a slower paced and more thoughtful zombie FPS that has you traversing through fairly large maps in a world with limited supplies. Bullets are rare, zombies are dangerous and objectives are plentiful.

It is fairly interesting that they are going with slower zombies and scarce supplies, but the most interesting part to me is how they are handling the world and objectives. Nearly everything is randomized and not just in trivial ways. As you will see in the video below, there can be over twenty different options for objectives on each map and it will take a long time to fully explore each location.

There will be three game modes in Contagion and they each use a smart phone to act as a mini map among other things. One mode is called Escape and it has up to eight players working together to complete objectives in order to escape. The Extraction game mode has players working together to protect unarmed civilians, which might be barricaded in a house and need an escort to a safe zone. The third mode is called Hunted and it is a player versus player mode that is all about protecting whatever supplies you have.

If you die to a zombie in any of those modes, you will then become a zombie and can hunt down the other players. You can also become infected just from a zombie bite, so even though zombies are slow they are still a huge threat since ammo is scarce and one hit could be the end for you.

Contagion has actually been in development since 2009, when the developers formed Monochrome LLC., and that’s actually good news for anyone interested. Unlike the majority of Kickstarters, this one is far beyond the concept phase and will be landing on Steam Early Access on October 25th.

Monochrome is asking for $50,000 to help finish Contagion and it is still looking pretty likely since it still has 26 days to go with $12,000 in pledges so far. Check out all of the information over on the Kickstarter page and take a look at the new trailer below that shows off the game in detail.

YouTube Preview Image

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