Lilt Line sequel speaks to expanded niche, multiplayer an “entirely fresh take on rhythm racing”

Jose Cardoso September 17, 2013 - 10:21 pm

Different Cloth’s Gordon Midwood told BeefJack more about lilt line’s sequel, lilt line too!, and its slight shift in vision.

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Excitement is building at Different Cloth, as the studio initiated a Kickstarter campaign last week to fund a sequel to the game they’re best known for – rhythm-based racer by the name of lilt line.

The award-winning original was driven by minimalist design and featured a unique electronic-meets-dubstep flair. Now, in lilt line too!, the game is about to see worthy expansions on its scope through new perspectives, and grow its proceedings with new multiplayer applications.

Featuring both local and online play – cooperative and competitive contexts, respectively – Midwood described the local component as being a “natural fit” when asked about transitions from the original to the sequel, particularly where play style is concerned. “The fact that it doesn’t fit with the original game style is a bit refreshing,” Midwood told us, going on to say that the online component will be “an entirely fresh take on rhythm racing.”

As for the operative word in connection with the sequel? “Moist,” so used for the more luscious finish.

But what made lilt line memorable (as memorable as a game about a scrawny white line trapped in jagged and straight-angle boundaries) had less to do with the background illusions; it was the soundtrack. That won’t change in lilt line too!, but Midwood tells me it will sport greater diversity.

“Whilst some of the tone will be similar, there will also be a lot more musical variety in the soundtrack this time around,” Midwood boasted. “Ill.gates’ [soundtrack composer] skills are immense & his musical repertoire is extremely varied. I believe he describes his style as ‘bass music.’ Which covers house, hip hop, dubstep, glitch and so on and so on – so lots of variety in the music and corresponding variety in the levels basically!”

Prompted by a conversation with Dan Adelman – Nintendo rep on indie-related ventures – lilt line too! just announced a stretch goal for a Wii U version this past weekend. Those familiar with Nintendo’s previous download service may recall that lilt line’s existence on this platform didn’t pan out too well, with Midwood confirming years back that it saw unsatisfying numbers on both WiiWare and iOS. But in fairness to WiiWare, Midwood remarked that the game’s slant was more weighty than the state of the individual platforms it appeared on.

“I think that lilt line’s success was a reflection of people’s desires at the time rather than being to do with platforms; it was a very niche title.”

Expressing confidence in both his game’s future and the campaign itself, he added: “But now – I hope! – that niche has expanded and people are more open to fresh, abstract, synesthetic experiences and everyone will jump aboard the lilt line too! Kickstarter train. Quick! Before it leaves the station!”

Hey, if lilt line too! can at all share the same strengths as the superb Art Style: light trax, I’m fully up for such vibrations, however incinerating they may be to my senses.

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