Fallen World producer: Community “has yet to appreciate” Ouya’s position, but company must improve public image (updated)

Jose Cardoso September 13, 2013 - 2:47 pm

BeefJack communicated with publisher Kuroato Media to learn more about Fallen World’s upcoming travels to the Ouya platform. Jonathan Malave says he believes in the Ouya, but its wavering reputation needs to be addressed.

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Update: Kuroato Media confirmed to BeefJack that the game will launch next week on September 17th, rather than at the end of the month as previously announced.

Original Story: While some have voiced strong responses about being deterred from supporting the Ouya, the expressions of Fallen World publisher Kuroato Media emphasize this stance as one not shared by all.

Previously for iOS and PC, the hack-’n-slash game will be making its way to the Ouya at the end of the month for $2.99, a decision partly backed by a belief that the console will achieve success, and partly because of the porting ease the Unity Engine offers. Speaking on behalf of developer Oddity Games, producer Jonathan Malave says that while a learning curve did exist, the porting process lasted “about three weeks.”

Fallen World won’t sport any gameplay improvements, I’m told, but that could change if the game finds a large enough audience on the Ouya to merit such changes. ”I’m running on a really tight budget,” said Malave, “and development cost for more features right now is probably not worth it until I have established a good fanbase for the game. If the game does well on Ouya as is, I definitely plan to add more features.”

Expressing that he does believe in the console, Malave went on to explain his two-sided view in connection with the Ouya’s ongoing battle of having to prove itself.

“I think if Ouya can capture a good market share of gamers then there is huge potential for us indie developers to make some decent money from games we enjoy making and have a platform to reach our players,” adding that such an investment requires a measure of faith. Reason being, the console still has a lot of negativity attached to it – a reputation only the company can patch.

“They definitely have some work to do on improving their public image,” he said candidly. “Just about every other day I can find a new article or review listing more cons than pros about the console.”

At the same time, he also believes – coming from a perspective of the Ouya being a “totally new” venture – that the gaming community “has yet to appreciate what it has to offer,” a disconnect that could more simply reflect whether the system has warranted a place in the market or if the Ouya is ahead of its time.

Though Malave expressed Kuroato Media has no current plans to bring more to the Ouya, they’re open to supporting it in the future, provided it earns more supporters on both ends – development and community.

“I think if my game Fallen World does fairly well on Ouya and/or if I see further growth with Ouya, then I would say, ‘Sure why not, I’ll bring another game to Ouya.’”

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