Final Fantasy XIV digital sales likely to resume soon

Leo McCloskey September 12, 2013 - 8:59 pm

Series producer explains Square will be monitoring server activity this weekend and plan to resume digital sales “if all goes well.”


You have to give it to Square Enix, in spite of a rocky second stab at Final Fantasy XIV they do seem to be doing their best to get things running smoothly again. According to a recent post on the Square Enix forums, digital sales of A Realm Reborn could recommence as soon as next week – that is “if all goes well,” according to series head Naoki Yoshida.

“This weekend, we will be monitoring server stability, keeping a close eye on the number of simultaneous logins, instances, and use of the duty finder,” he writes. “If all goes well, we plan to resume digital sales for each region.”

Yoshida goes on to explain the steps Square has put in place to return the game to a playable state for the majority of fans, but continues to warn that Final Fantasy XIV isn’t yet clear of all potential hiccups.

“In the most recent phase of improvements, we have focused on expanding server capacity along with adding additional Worlds and instance servers to increase the total number of players that can access the game,” Yoshida says, before adding: “With the addition of a third duty finder group and the upgrades to instance servers, we are confident that the addition of new Worlds will proceed more smoothly than in the past (although the actual integration of new servers takes some time). From October onwards, we will continue to monitor the growth of the player base and expand operations as needed.”

With reviews set to continue into October and beyond, Yoshida cites increased simultaneous logins per server as a recent success while warning of congestion at peak times for busy servers.

“Even with the previously discussed measures in place, there remain several overpopulated worlds that may still be subject to peak-time login and character creation restrictions,” he explains. “Adjustments to the servers have greatly increased the allowed number of simultaneous logins per World, but this particular strategy has reached its limit.”

“Heavily populated Worlds may still experience congestion during peak times, but with the upgrades made to concurrent connection capacity, the addition of new Worlds, and the introduction of the World transfer service and an automatic logout feature, we believe the general login situation will steadily improve as time goes on.”

Hopefully this marks the beginning of a gradual change in direction for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Lord knows fans of the series have had their patience tested over the last few years. The game’s critical reception seems to be a world away from that of the 2010 original – let’s hope more fans get their chance to play it again soon.

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