Pixel Toys on Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo’s “fantastic” reception and “profitable” figures

Jose Cardoso September 12, 2013 - 4:34 pm

In line with Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo’s temporary (and significant) price drop, we reached out to Pixel Toys to learn just how successful their game has been since its launch several months ago.

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Starting out as a quiet little gem for the 3DS eShop, Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo has gained notoriety since its April release as being among the platform’s best releases for 2013. And Pixel Toys, developer of the enhanced iOS version, couldn’t be happier.

“The reaction we’ve had to the game from the media sites and players has been fantastic,” said studio co-founder Andy Wafer. “We’ve generally received very positive 8/10 reviews with a few 9s as the cherry on top. As a small company making small games, to be so well-received is incredibly rewarding for us.”

As of today and until October 2nd, the game will be marked down from $7.99 to $3.99 per a limited-time sale. While a significant reduction, based on Wafer’s comments, this is not because there’s a financial need. “I can’t really comment on exact sales numbers,” he said in response to an inquiry on the sales figures, “but I can say the game has sold in line with our expectations and has been profitable.”

This, despite the price differences between both it and the lower-priced original.

To bide time for this growth to become manifest, though, Pixel Toys was busy putting time into an iOS project that they say will soon be revealed. “We’re currently developing an as of yet unannounced (but soon to be announced) action game for iPhone. We wanted to try something different while we waited to see how well our game performed on 3DS.”

If they too had doubts that the higher cost would pose interference in the game’s numbers, these were evidently unwarranted.

Because the game has done so well both critically and commercially – to their surprise, from the sound of things – Pixel Toys has expressed interest in revisiting the platform at a later date. “I think we’d certainly do another 3DS game for the eShop,” Wafer shared, “but there’s a lot of other platforms we’re also interested in trying out too.”

Please do.

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