Sony’s renewed indie focus benefits big studios too, says Boyes

Leo McCloskey September 10, 2013 - 5:59 pm

SCEA VP of third-party relations explains how PlayStation 4′s wealth of inbound indie properties can help encourage a smoother development process for studios both big and small.

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With the next generation mere weeks away, it’s fair to say Sony has won the goodwill war in the eyes of many. Apart from sticking to policy throughout the pre-launch push, much of the good will has been secured through an apparent determination to bring as much indie software to PS4 as possible.

Such has been the focus in recent weeks that both Sony’s E3 and Gamescom showings have been noteworthy for just how indie-centric they were. Because you’re damned either way, a relative lack of big-budget announcements has left a minority questioning whether or not Sony has shifted its focus too far. As Sony America third-party VP Adam Boyes points out, though, making a console easier to develop for benefits everyone.

“Independent developers are usually small teams,” Boyes explains to IGN, “they’re one person, two people, five people [and] usually aren’t well-funded. Because they literally have to rely on the payment and how well their game does to pay their mortgage, they’re very vocal. When they’re vocal that means they’re the ones yelling saying, ‘You need to fix this or I can’t pay my mortgage.’”

Boyes explains that larger teams are likely to be more autonomous when faced with problems to solve – and sometimes less likely to communicate issues. Dialogue with smaller studios, says Boyes, should help Sony rectify difficulties at all levels of the food chain.

“Big development teams are like, ‘We’re okay.’ Literally if they find a flaw they’ll [say], ‘Oh, we’ll just hire somebody to fix that flaw so we don’t have to bother Sony or the other guys about it,’ whereas indies can’t,” Boyes continues. “If they hit a wall, they’re stuck. So by making the platform easier for indies to build for it makes it better for everyone – so we’re gonna see better content, faster patches [and] all that kind of stuff happening for everyone. So the benefit of the knock-on effect of working closer with indies is that everyone gets better games and then gamers get better stuff. That’s really the end goal.”

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