Official River City Ransom sequel is now on Kickstarter

Paul Yan September 10, 2013 - 7:53 am

Conatus Creative has launched a Kickstarter campaign for River City Ransom: Underground, an officially licensed sequel to the classic RPG beat-’em-up, River City Ransom.

River City Ransom Underground header

River City Ransom came out over 20 years ago and now an overdue officially licensed sequel to the beloved NES classic is being crowd-funded on Kickstarter.

Titled River City Ransom: Underground, the 2.5D RPG beat-‘em-up is being developed by Canada-based Conatus Creative, which acquired the RCR license from Million Co., a company made up of original RCR developers.

According to Underground’s Kickstarter page and pitch video, which includes some great-looking gameplay footage, Underground will include 8-bit graphics like the original, but will feature new characters, animations, fighting moves, enemies, stores, and items. In addition to a character level-up system, there will also be  “evolved combat” and a push for “sophisticated, crafty opponent AI.”

Basically the game will be bigger and better as there will be a more expansive, explorable open-world. Of course, you can also expect local and online co-op, but it depends on “our distribution partners on launch day.”

Conatus Creative says they want to update the game for the modern day audience, but “without using modern day effects, sounds or color pallets.”

Underground’s Kickstarter campaign is seeking $180,000 Canadian dollars and as of this writing has received $9,524 with 29 days left. The game will be released on Sept. 2014 for the PC, but one possible stretch goal may be additional platform releases.

As Polygon reported earlier this year, Japanese developer Miracle Kidz announced in 2011 that a RCR sequel was in the works for WiiWare and PC, but it was revealed a year later that the game was put on hold indefinitely. An RCR sequel was then announced earlier this year and that appears to be Underground, which looks great, especially the art and animation; they look fantastic. See for yourself below!

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