Play Vita games on your telly with PS Vita TV

Joe Donnelly September 9, 2013 - 11:37 am

In a somewhat surprising announcement, Sony has unveiled PS Vita TV: a new Vita-flavoured portable device which will enable games from the handheld to be played on your television.


Well, we weren’t really expecting this one. Sony has announced PS Vita TV, a microconsole device much similar in practice to Apple’s Apple TV, which will allow users to stream services such as Hulu, Vita games, and even PS4 games from the console – meaning PS4 games can be streamed to another TV within the household. I can already see myself bragging about that last one down the pub, even although I’ll never, ever be arsed to actually set it up.

Complete with 1GB of memory, Vita TV will comprise of a 6.5 by 10.5cm white box, complimented by a white DualShock 3 controller. For any of those not keen on the whole streaming thing, Vita games can be plugged in directly into the box itself. Similar to its handheld counterpart, Vita TV will include a ‘standby mode’, meaning it can booted up within a matter of seconds.

Inevitably, not all games will be Vita TV friendly as, in the absence of a touch screen, some games will be incompatible.

PS Vita TV is expected to hit Japan on November 14, costing 9,954 Yen – just over $100USD -on its own, and 14,994 yen – just over $150USD – complete with controller and an 8GB Vita Memory Card.

Check out the concept video here, complete with cheesy feel-good trance-inspired backing track:

YouTube Preview Image

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