Circle Entertainment talks FK Digital combining “best efforts” with Brunch Panic, more 3DS eShop titles in 2014

Jose Cardoso September 5, 2013 - 1:21 pm

Brunch Panic will soon be available on the 3DS eShop, and Chris Chau of Circle Entertainment – publisher of the game – expressed to BeefJack why we can expect more from this title than FK Digital’s earlier releases on the service.

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Whether donning the hat of ‘developer’ or ‘publisher,’ Circle Entertainment’s ongoing commitment to have a stronger presence on the Nintendo eShop has been demonstrated repeatedly, and Brunch Panic is the latest in a growing assembly of titles assisting in that very purpose.

Developed by FK Digital (Witch & Hero, Wakedas), Brunch Panic is a management sim that both maintains the defining characteristics of the development team while also furthering its own style – just one of the details Chris Chau of Circle Entertainment (in this case, taking on role of publisher) was willing to fill us in on.

“The gameplay is simple but a challenge, like the developer’s style. It has a colorful and beautiful world, cute characters, and we also added the Japaneses voices for it.” The words “so sweet” were also used to describe the game’s presentation, with him adding that while players will find themselves rushing to take requests and deliver orders, a state of “peace” will also be sensed amidst these demands.

Internal testing at Circle Entertainment revealed the game to be a good match for casual players as well as the female demographic, and while acknowledging that Brunch Panic and Diner Dash bear more differences than similarities – namely, in setup (i.e., restaurant vs. minivan) – Chau did agree with the suggestion that FK Digital’s sim could resonate with fans of Diner Dash and games of a similar style.

Comparing the developer’s previous outings, Chau asserted that prospective players can “expect more from this title,” before going on to explain one other reason for confidence in the game’s potential within the 3DS’ download market. “They are learning fast,” Chau complimented, speaking about partner FK Digital. On what the team brings to the project, he also commented that FK Digital has essentially “combined their best efforts” with this new title, taking experience learned from previous games.

If Witch & Hero is any indication, Brunch Panic too will have its own form of hurried and chaotic interactions, just under a different context.

Following the game’s North American release (which Circle Entertainment anticipates to be around October), Chau also confirmed that more will come from FK Digital in the new year. “I think you can expect their next games in Q1 2014,” he said. “They have much game development experience on the portable platform; it seems the 3DS eShop gave them a chance to prove they found a right way to continue their passions.”

And so, production continues.

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