Mutant Mudds finally approved by Steam Greenlight, Jools Watsham still confused over “difficult and emotional” journey

Jose Cardoso August 28, 2013 - 9:05 pm

After its original rejection more than a year ago, Mutant Mudds has finally been approved for release on Steam – among 99 other Steam Greenlight contenders. Unexpected, but it’s about time. Jools Watsham of Renegade Kid spoke to BeefJack this afternoon and expressed his confusion surrounding Mutant Mudds’ initial rejection and the sudden reversal in circumstances.

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Previously at a stand-still, Renegade Kid’s long and frustrating road to see Mutant Mudds released through Steam has experienced some unexpected movement today, as Valve has now awarded the game the very status it so eagerly sought. The game was finally approved today, seemingly out of nowhere and in achievement of a milestone for the service – Mutant Mudds is one in a large clump of Greenlight candidates that represent the largest batch of simultaneous approvals.

Certainly if Renegade Kid previously had a defining example of “surprise” across the studio’s run, it’ll be replaced tout suite.

This news comes more than a year after Mutant Mudds’ original rejection, which caused a mild uproar at the time. Jools Watsham, Renegade Kid co-founder and director, is just happy to put the initial sting behind him, although feelings of uncertainty and confusion still linger over what he describes as “a difficult and emotional” journey.

“I have no explanation for why it has taken over a year for Mutant Mudds to be greenlit,” Watsham confessed. “Even though I believe Valve want to eventually allow practically any and every game to be available on Steam, the process we experienced with Steam Greenlight was a curated one. For a reason unknown to me, the Valve team chose not to greenlight Mutant Mudds before today.”

Watsham says what upset him most was the lack of feedback on why it was originally rejected, which may have helped them turn the situation around, if not given them notice for the future. “I don’t mind someone saying no to me. I am used to that. I develop video games. What made it difficult was not knowing why Mutant Mudds was rejected before Steam Greenlight existed, and then sat in the Greenlight Top 100 for 369 days.”

Watsham’s honest comments echo those penned via a Gamasutra blog post earlier in the year, in which he questioned whether or not Mutant Mudds would ever have a future on Steam.

That was then. This is now.

There’s still the matter of the inexplicable-ness of the situation, but Watsham hopes this sudden change in the stream of output will make for a more approachable approval system among indie submissions. And though Valve has not explicitly confirmed plans for this to become standard, Watsham hopes that’s exactly what they have in store when they say they’d now like to “stress-test” the system.

“I hope this recent mega Greenlight event of 100 games being greenlit is a sign of better things to come,” he says, “and I hope it marks the beginning of a better system that simply greenlights the Top 100 each time.”

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