Microsoft explains how Xbox One marketplace isn’t going to turn into the App Store

Paul Yan August 23, 2013 - 10:47 am

Microsoft Xbox corporate vice president Phil Harrison has addressed the concern that the Xbox One marketplace will be inundated with bad games instead of good ones.

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Apple’s popular iOS App Store contains a lot of great apps and games, but there’s also quite a few that are, to put it bluntly, crap. With the Xbox One now making it easier for more people to submit games to Xbox Live, folks are concerned that the Xbox One marketplace will turn into the App Store and be filled with mostly just crappy games instead of good quality ones.

When Engadget’s senior associate editor Ben Gilbert brought up this potential issue in a video interview, Microsoft Xbox corporate vice president Phil Harrison said that ”I think we will measure success by whether new and amazing experiences come to our platform.” He added that Microsoft wants to support all types of games from “super hits” to niches “so long as great new experiences come to our platform.”

Of course, not all games may be “great new experiences.” Like the App Store, there may be a ton of poorly-made games that will try to make it through the door; however, Harrison says that he’s actually looking forward to hopefully going through thousands of games.

“So in many ways I hope we do have to deal with tens of thousands of games,” said Harrison after pausing to gather his thoughts, “because that will demonstrate that our platform is a really attractive place for creators to want to build games for. So that’s one of the unattended consequences of success.”

But when Gilbert said that “you don’t want 9,000 Mojang games either though,” Harrison replied with a smile, “Well, so long as there’s one or two really excellent Mojang games I’ll be OK.”

Somehow, I still have a feeling Xbox Live will turn into the App Store, but at least Harrison assured that discoverability of games won’t be an issue thanks to features such as recommendations, spotlights, trending, and DVR video sharing.

“We’ve heard loud and clear from developers that they wanted a level playing field,” said Harrison. “They wanted to be treated equally in the marketplace alongside all games so we have created that leveling playing field.”

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