EnjoyUp Games teases Super Off Road-inspired racer for Wii U eShop, online play possible

Jose Cardoso August 22, 2013 - 4:26 pm

Having released numerous DSiWare and now 3DS eShop titles, EnjoyUp Games has been toying with a few prototypes for the Wii U eShop – the first being a shmup, and now the second, a top-down racer. Still quiet on the details, Julio Moruno shared some brief tidbits with us on the team’s not-so-secret project.

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One of my favourite racing games released through Nintendo’s WiiWare service – and, I’d argue, one that was greatly overlooked – was Driift Mania, a top-down, single-screen, up-to-eight-person racer where hovercrafts and double-decker buses collided, and chaos came in the form of virus-festering machines and craze-filled meteor showers. It was a mighty good time with friends.

Hopefully we can get some of that tight, split-second-comeback action on the Wii U eShop, as EnjoyUp Games teased yesterday that they’ve begun work on an off-road racing game for the platform, which will join TNT Racers as an early representative of the genre on the service (excluding retail offerings).

Details are scarce at this point for, like their other teaser, it is still in the prototype stage. It’s unknown if combat will be explored, or if they’re planning anything in the way of crazy contraptions to make for more of a scuffle. That being said, Julio Moruno did share some tidbits with us this morning.

Moruno says their game (with a still unknown working title) is inspired by Super Off Road and will have five players competing on the same screen (one using the GamePad). Off-TV Play will also be supported.

When asked if online features are in the works, he expressed that to do so for the initial release of the game would be “complex” to pull off, but he didn’t discount the possibility entirely, expressing that such is possible with a later update. If that indeed ends up being the case, it’ll be their first time exploring online play on Nintendo’s download platforms.

Either way, the Wii U could sure do with more energetic multiplayer experiences, so hopefully this project will provide just that.

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