Survival horror game Outlast gets a PC release date

Sean Cargle August 22, 2013 - 1:02 am

Red Barrel Studios has just revealed a September release date for their upcoming first person survival horror game Outlast.

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I will always find it amusing that the first time I saw the survival horror game Outlast it was at E3 and on a PS4, yet every time I see news about it lately it is only for the PC version that I originally didn’t know existed. Once again, there is no news about that PS4 version, but the PC version has just received a September 4th release date and it is now available for pre-order.

Outlast is a first person survival horror game that takes you to an asylum full of horrific scenarios and gives you nothing but a video camera. Like Amnesia, it has a focus on exploration, running and stealth, not combat. A lot of what they have shown off so far has been fairly impressive, even one of BeefJack’s most cynical writers enjoyed it, but at the same time it has all seem far too scripted. The trailers have become something that cannot be relied on for actual gameplay, especially if they are saying that isn’t just full of scripted events and that it has plenty of natural occurring tense moments, because they have yet to show that.

Developers Red Barrel Studios will be showing the game with an updated and playable demo at PAX Prime, which will be happening shortly before the September 4th release date. Outlast will be selling for $20, but if you pre-purchase it you can get 20% off and it is currently available on Steam. Hopefully this one defies my concerns and turns out to be another atmospheric horror game that feels genuinely terrifying. Check back for more on it later once we get closer to the PC release and hopefully there will be news for other versions of it eventually.

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