“The car is the star” in Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver, online leaderboards confirmed

Jose Cardoso August 21, 2013 - 2:13 pm

Coming this September, Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver will send players through bold tracks, performing stunts and photogenic feats as part of Team Hot Wheels. We reached out to Mattel to share more details on how they’d carry the brand’s signature qualities over to this upcoming installment.

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I’ve been away from the Hot Wheels universe for a super long time, so Team Hot Wheels is entirely foreign to me. But if it brings anything in the way of glitter and pizzazz, like how whipping through corkscrews at high velocity brought its own excitement when I was younger, their latest focus of such energies – multiplatform game Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver – will only benefit from the increase in altitude and perhaps even attitude.

Stunts are a big draw for their core demographic, and as BeefJack learned through correspondence with Mattel’s Todd Makinen, this is embodied the four divisions that comprise Team Hot Wheels. “Team Blue uses high-tech to nail precision driving and stunt events. Team Yellow is all about power – crushing vehicles, charging up hillclimbs and in other torque-heavy events. The Red Team is outrageous – getting the biggest air, and performing the sickest tricks in everything from hot rods to snowmobiles. The Green Team is only interested in speed and pushing some insane vehicles to their limits and beyond.”

All four are featured in World’s Best Driver, but along with that comes the harmony created through elements signature to the Hot Wheels brand – “track-like loops and jumps” and “boosters” were mentioned, but also included in that mix is the diverse scope of the cars themselves. Though little was divulged on the stunts players will perform or even how World’s Best Driver correlates to past games, Makinen did share that Hot Wheels fans will get a sense of the toy line’s expansive, long-supported universe.

“We like to say ‘the car is the star,’ and the variety of vehicles in this game speaks to the incredible breadth and history of the Hot Wheels toy line. As for the stunts and events in the game, I don’t want to give too much away but I think it’s safe to say that World’s Best Driver offers a lot of gameplay that is unmistakably Hot Wheels.”

Of course, how could one determine less superficially if they merit ‘Best Driver’ status without the ability to compare stats? Makinen confirmed to BeefJack, “Yes, leaderboards and achievements are a huge part of this game and proving who the World’s Best Driver actually is.” Think they’ll allow enough characters for “J-i-m-m-i-e-J-o-h-n-s-o-n”?

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