Geeta Games talks crowdfunding success

Leo McCloskey August 20, 2013 - 10:25 pm

Making a video and setting up some stretch goals doesn’t always make for a successful crowdfunder. So how has the husband-wife-led team behind Lilly Looking Through made it happen – and what has inspired the creators to craft such an endearing world? It’d be rude not to ask.

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As I sit here wondering if I am negating journalistic impartially by saying “go to Geeta Games’ Kickstarter page and play the demo right now” to anyone who might listen, I realise that I needn’t worry. Why? Lilly Looking Through is doing just fine without me.

If I did take the brief time I’ve spent with the game and splutter my positive sentiment all over it as if I’d stayed with it long enough to give it a thorough review, I’d only be nudging you in the direction of something that you’ll probably find your way to on your own. You, discerning gamer, will make your own mind up as you always do.

I’ll stop there – the reviews will take care of themselves – and esteemed journos aplenty have already given credence to Lilly Looking Through’s Kickstarter push nearly doubling its money by its close – well over a year ago.

Even after the money rolls in, there’s obviously still a lot of work to be done – but how has the fledging studio behind the game managed to make it where so many others have failed?

“I wouldn’t say there’s a specific recipe for success, I think a lot of luck is involved,” developer Jessica Hoogendyk tells us. “During our Kickstarter campaign we got a good amount of press coverage, and we really relied on people checking out the free demo hoping the game would speak for itself.”

“We would love to be able to sell our game on Steam,” she explains. “So the best case scenario would be to get Greenlit sooner than later. But even if we don’t get Greenlit, just the process of posting our game on Steam’s site for review exposes it to a multitude of players that have never heard of it before.”

Although a young girl might not make for the most fashionable of videogame protagonists, Geeta Games draws on influences beyond the industry. “We are huge fans of (Hayao) Miyazaki and his films like My Neighbor Totoro, and we thought that it’d be a pleasant change to have a small girl as the heroine for our game,” Hoogendyk says. “We have two little girls, so a lot of the inspiration for the character comes from them. We wanted to present the world that Lilly lives in through a child’s eyes, seeing everything as magical and new for the first time.”

“It’s definitely not popular or mainstream to pick a young girl as a protagonist,” she continues. “But maybe that is something that is slowly changing.”

I can’t tell you what Lilly Looking Through is exactly, nor can I tell you whether or not it’ll necessarily garner widespread critical acclaim. I can tell you, though, that things are scrubbing up well for the small team behind Geeta Games’ first project – and I can tell you that I, for one, am in.

Here’s a teaser:

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