Rockstar reveals GTA V’s online massive multiplayer mode complete with “structured and unstructured activities”

Joe Donnelly August 15, 2013 - 3:01 pm

Rockstar has revealed Grand Theft Auto Online just over one month ahead of the GTA V’s September 17 release date.


One thing that surprised me back in 2008 was the distinct lack of interest in Grand Theft Auto IV’s online multiplayer.

I remember it being at times difficult to locate a decent server with a decent amount of players to interact with. The Call of Duty servers, the PES servers and the FIFA servers were all jumping. GTA IV’s online content – although not particularly extensive – was great fun, but Liberty City was in many respects ‘coming like a ghost town,’ as The Specials might put it.

So, Grand Theft Auto Online has its work cut out for it. It’s going to have to offer more in the way of player and level customisation, more in the way of making friends or enemies, more in the way of banding together in crews to perform heists or rob liquor stores, more in the way of “structured and unstructured” activities.

OK, so I’m not entirely sure what that last one means, but I think it means missions or leisure activities such as golf or tennis.

It all looks good. Real good. But did you expect anything different? Unlike Liberty City, there’s a lot more going on inna de boomtown of Los Santos.

On top of this, players can expect to discover new rewards, missions and characters absent from the main game, as well as being able to design their own races and death matches.

Grand Theft Auto Online will launch October 1.

Check it out:

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