BeefJack Podcast – Episode 48

Anthony Shelton August 10, 2013 - 2:10 pm

This week, the crew blast through lots of news, including Arma III launching without a campaign, John Carmack joining the Oculus Rift team, and Apple banning parody game Joyful Executions.

Arma 3 header

It was a slow news week, but James, Anthony, and Leo aren’t short on opinions. They kick things off with Arma III launching without a campaign, and wondering if this sort of action may spurt others to try the same thing for multiplayer oriented games. Conversation then moves to the atrocity of a Dead Island MOBA, which puts everyone off. John Carmack joining the Oculus Rift team also spurred discussion but dives off into the potential of Oculus Rift. And Apple banning Joyful Executions, a game no one really understands, but knows it’s silly for Apple to continue to ban things on slippery basis’.

Leo played Divinity: Dragon Commander, a game that boggled all of their minds as he explained it. Anthony played a few games, most notably Beatbuddy and Planetside 2, while James played meaningless (in comparison) games like Gears of War 3 and Saints Row 2.

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Music: Alex Sumesar-Rai – www.mrpineappleband.com

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