Tactical strategy game Breach & Clear releases on iOS tonight

Sean Cargle July 18, 2013 - 12:30 am

This tactical strategy game by Mighty Rabbit Studios comes out tonight and we now have info on pricing alongside a new launch trailer.

I’ve yet to see a turn based game like SWAT, Jagged Alliance or Rainbow Six on iOS, except for maybe Hunters, and today we are getting one that may just do the tactical strategy genre proud. It is called Breach & Clear and it gives you a customize-able group of soldiers to lead across fifteen modern day scenarios. It comes out today and Mighty Rabbit Studios has just released a launch trailer.

Like the best games in the genre, Breach & Clear gives players plenty of opportunities to plan out their attack and a variety of options for using the environment to their advantage. All of the missions seem to be close quarters environments and are set in three different real world locations. The four man squad you lead can be customized completely with weapons that can be heavily modified. Everything sounds pretty typical for the genre, which is just fine since there are far too few tactical strategy games these days. Although, XCOM: Enemy Unknown certainly helped the genre quite a bit.

Breach & Clear will be coming out tonight on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at around 9 pm PST/5 am BST, and it will cost $1.99 during launch. One week after launch it will go up to $3.99 and unfortunately the game does have some iAP, but from what I’ve seen it is just new soldiers or cosmetic weapon changes. Check out the launch trailer below and for more information head on over to the Breach & Clear app store page (once it is out later), or the main website.

YouTube Preview Image

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