DestinyQuest: Infinite is a digital interactive game book

Paul Yan July 16, 2013 - 1:02 am

DestinyQuest: Infinite is a half-book, half-RPG that’s being made by a small team called Adventure Cow. Currently, the devs are looking for players to test the game book.

DestinyQuest Infinite header

Books and games don’t go well together. Who wants to read when you can run around in a virtual world jumping on Goombas or cutting humanoid creatures in half with a chainsaw gun? Games are much more fun than reading pages of plain old boring text, right? A small team of folks are looking to change that with an online interactive game book entitled DestinyQuest: Infinite.

Being created by a small team called Adventure Cow, Infinite is a combination of a book and an RPG where you get to choose your own path and engage in combat.

“We’ve been working on DestinyQuest: Infinite, a half-book, half-RPG that takes after Choose Your Own Adventures and CRPGs/pen-and-paper games,” said Christopher Liu in an email sent to BeefJack. “While the book was originally written for older audiences, we think it might be interesting for kids (and parents) looking for something engaging and different to read.”

Liu hopes that Infinite’s hybrid book-RPG will have a positive impact on kids. “…I want to see if younger people would find a combination of story and game interesting, the way I did when I was a kid,” Liu said. “It’d be really cool if DestinyQuest got even one kid to say, ‘this is how I got into reading.’”

Currently, the developers are looking for testers, particularly 10 to 15-year-olds, who can provide feedback. As a reward, you’ll get a free copy of Infinite, and most awesome of all, you’ll either get a gift certificate or an invitation to a pizza party when the “First Look” testing phase is over. Did you hear that? A pizza party!

You can sign up to test Infinite over at the game’s official website, here.

DestinyQuest Infinite page book

DestinyQuest Infinite soldier

DestinyQuest Infinite lava

DestinyQuest Infinite hydra

DestinyQuest Infinite combat

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