The Last of Us suffers launch day bugs (updated)

Benjamin Ebell June 14, 2013 - 1:49 pm

A launch day bug with the autosave feature prevents some players from being able to save and may cause you to lose some game time.


Update: Naughty Dog has since fixed the autosave issue, chalking it up to a problem with the stats server that the game communicates with. The power of the cloud, ladies and gentlemen.

Original Story: Word of an autosave bug lit up message boards and Twitter this morning following the midnight release of Naughty Dog’s latest and greatest, The Last of Us.

Some players noticed that when they paused the game, the message “Autosaving. Please wait.” would be displayed, sometimes multiple times, but would never finish the saving process, stuck in some sort of autosaving loop. Since the autosave disables the ability to manually save or load, players have no real choice but to boot out to the dashboard and hope the last time the game actually saved wasn’t hours ago. Some players say they’ve lost as many as six hours of their save game, a black mark on what has otherwise been lauded as one of the greatest games this generation.

I haven’t personally experienced the bug during my short time with the game so there’s no real way to tell how widespread the issue is or what could be causing it. We’ve reached out to Naughty Dog for comment on whether or not a patch is in the works, but until something is released the best advice is just to keep an eye on your pause screen to see whether or not the game is saving properly.

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